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NeuroK is an elearning platform, which uses the principles of neuroscience applied to education: neurodidactic.

A platform with a social network aspect that focuses on the student, encouraging motivation, collaborative learning and the emotion to learn.

Neuroscience begins to explain how the brain works, and with that knowledge applied to education we must redesign the learning processes taking advantage of the digital revolution.

Today the ubiquity of mobile phones and Internet access makes learning possible online. Anytime from anywhere.

You learn best in a group, sharing. From the debate arise the questions, the curiosity, the challenge of finding the answer makes us search the Internet for the answer. In social networks we collaborate among hundreds of us to achieve what we propose. We are able to learn in community, where learning from equals gives us the fear of making mistakes.

From all these ideas arises the need to create a platform that is close to the change in education, and that is why NeuroK arises.

When requesting access to NeuroK, what you are requesting is to create an account. This account is your school, your academy, your school, and in it you will create the courses that you want. Only the administrators of the accounts can create courses, invite teachers to it and the students who will compose it. Therefore, access to these courses is only done by invitation via email. Thus the Admin can take a control of users. The account owner also decides the cost of the course for the users.

The payment made by NeuroK to the Admin is per user discharged per course. That is, a user can be enrolled in three courses. NeuroK charges the Admin for each discharge in each course per month.

Neurodidactics is a new discipline that defines new methods to empower the learning, in the way that better fits in the development of the brain.  So it joins brain research and educational sciences (neurobiology and didactics).  Now we know that any learning process is accompanied by a change in the brain plus a modification of our neuronal networks.

The one who knows how and the better conditions the brain gets modified when learning is the one who can teach better.

We realized that existing training platforms were not useful, because what they did were to copy the classical teaching model to the web: a teacher records himself on video or upload slides, and put them up in the platform, or offers some exercises, check and point them, and that´s all the process.

That was the main reason we had to produce a new platform, starting from zero, that concentrates on what neurodidatics said to encourage:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Focus on the student emotion and motivation when learning
  • Learning by doing, but most important apart from doing, discussing and sharing with the community

Yes, of course.  NeuroK is an application implemented by ASPgems that only needs a navigator.

NeuroK is a responsive application, meaning that it fits your display, no matter if it is a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

It is  multiplatform, so you can use either free software or any other known navigators as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explores, Firefox …. And it is multilanguage, so far it is available in Spanish (Spain) and English

If you are already registered:

If you are not registered:

  • If you want to access a course, you have to contact the Account Administrator or the teacher to send an invitation to your email.

In NeuroK we have a standard plan: € 9.95 per user per course. If you are an organization or you have a specific need contact us because with the Premium plan you will get many advantages.

  • Free Trial: Sign in for free at NeuroK, create your free account and try for 15 days to create a course or participate in the demo course “How to use Neurok“.
  • Standard Plan: NeuroK charges account managers € 9.95 per user for each course. What admin covers for these users is admin decision.
  • Premium Account: If you are an organization, institution or company and you have specific needs contact us and we will help you:

We can help you if you are a user of the platform and need help or have questions about how to share and learn in NeuroK.

  • FAQs for admin From the management of your account to the creation of a course or how to invite participants to it.
  • FAQs for teachersFrom the management of the course and its motivation, to the creation of units and learning activities.
  • FAQs for students. How to participate and discuss in the units, how to deliver and evaluate learning activities.
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