Teaching less,

Learning more

Neurok is the online cooperative educative platform focused on motivation as learning engine.

What is Neurok?

Any learning process is accompanied by a change in the brain.

NeuroK is the perfect environment to teach “doing”. Get out of the routines jungle and wild methodologies and get into the paradise, where you'll be able to let loose  what any youngster needs in the learning. Listen the call from NeuroK.


Encouraging to Learn

At Neurok the discussion in class is the core of the learning.  You, as a teacher, are the driver of your students, the one providing the tools to question themselves and find the answers.  We know that the motivated brain is the straight way to make learning easier .

It adapts your class to the new education

Getting used and Playing

Because every student learns in a way  and each teacher educates in other, the change in methodology is a fact.  Neurok, based on neuroeducation principles,  gets this change closer to your class. It adapts your class to the new education and allows everybody to learn together while playing.  

Learning Community


NeuroK offers a wide range of possibilities. From the everyday support,  sharing comments, contents, videos, documentation, to the tracking of your students in the course, creating Activities to measure the evolution and understanding of your pupils.

It is time to change the way you give your lessons

It is time to change the way you give your lessons

NeuroK is not a MOOC

No more slides and master classes.  NeuroK is designed to keep the student motivated inside a learning environment among peers. 

NeuroK will allow you to teach as you have always desired; if you encourage your students by challenges, or you prefer each of them going at their own pace, if you choose that they evaluate themselves , or you learn doing and practicing.  Then , you already are NeuroK. 

Make a testing course and discover how you can apply online anything you do offline. 

What does NeuroK provide me?


Simple, powerful and on cloud

NeuroK is always accessible.

Go into NeuroK from any device (mobile, tablet or computer)  anywhere. 

Social network

It is a social network

NeuroK is not a Mooc, it is a social network where your can share contents and learning in a collaborative way.


Learning based on skills

Learning based on skills and tools; it is thought for the students to learn to do things and not just to memorize.

The activities included in the course can be evaluated among them (p2p), or may be checked by the teacher.



NeuroK provides you the tools to become a supplier of contents and not a creator of them.