Teaching Less,
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The collaborative online learning platform based on the principles of neurodidactics.

NeuroK, leader in collaborative learning

Focussing on emotions and motivation as a driving force, we are able to offer a new learning model.

Corporate Collaboration

A collaborative training environment to accelerate and scale organizational learning. With viral learning you will accelerate transformation.

Academic Training

A methodological change that will allow you to differentiate your classroom from the rest by focusing on the management of your student motivation.

Are you a teacher?

Apply neurodidactics to your teaching and discover a more profitable and scalable way to build and sell your courses. Build an online learning community!

Why Neurok?

  • Because learning is the key to a better future.
  • Because digital transformation must also reach education.
  • Because everything that has been done in e-learning is focused on the contents and on building platforms that replicate the traditional educational models.
  • Because we have not been able to make the most of the digital transformation within education and we have only digitized processes that are the same as always.
  • Because science, through neurodidactics, is beginning to explain how the brain works, and with that knowledge we need to redesign the learning processes, making the most of the digital revolution.

What is Neurok?

please give us a few minutes to explain NeuroK

Thanks to neuroscience we are beginning to understand how our brains learn and by unifying neuroscience with didactics, neurodidactics was born.

NeuroK was created from a need for change in the way we approach learning and also by following the advice given by experts in neurodidactics.

Find out more in this short video.



Find out how NeuroK is being used in different online training initiatives and also about its blended models.

plans that adapt to your needs

Surely the cost is not going to put you off? At NeuroK we have a plan which will adapt to your budget or needs.


NeuroK for only € 9 per month, per user, per course. Couldn’t be easier.

There are no fixed fees, no commitment of permanency nor complicated price plans.

You can also create and customize courses with your own colors and logo.


If you are an organization, school, institution or company and you have specific needs, get in touch with us and we will help you work out the best option.

The most complete version of NeuroK and personalised as your “Own Brand”.



If you don’t make a profit, then nor will we. Because that’s what we believe a free course is:

A public course which has no cost and to which everyone has access and is free for the world to see.

R & D

Articles published in collaboration with the ASPgems Professorial and the University of Extremadura



To request a demo or if you have any other questions, please leave us your details and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

The research project “NeuroK Learning Analytics: Development and implementation of digital learning analytics tools”, has been funded with the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER, A way to make Europe).