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We are the only online learning platform born with motivation in mind. NeuroK emerged in 2005 as a platform developed under the principles of neurodidactics.


Colaboración - NeuroK

How NeuroK was born

From the friendship of Agustín Cuenca, José Ramón Gamo, Anna Forés and Carme Trinidad arises the idea of creating a master’s degree dedicated to training in neurodidactics.

At that time, no online training platform put the principles of neurodidactics into practice.

Thus, Agustín Cuenca, CEO of the software development company ASPgems, offered a hand to José Ramón Gamo to set up the first platform with these characteristics: 

“Tell us what you need for an online platform to be neurodidactic, and we at ASPgems will implement it”.


The new platform

That’s when we thought of making a new platform, from scratch, that would emphasize what neurodidactics needs us to promote:

  • Collaborative learning.
  • Student centered.
  • Emotion and motivation in learning.
  • Learning by doing, especially by doing but also by discussing and sharing in the community.

Thus NeuroK was born, from the hands and minds of experts in science, education and neurodidactics and professionals from the world of software development.

As per the criteria of ASPgems, the decision was taken to develop NeuroK with Ruby on Rails: for efficiency, security and other advantages of this framework.

Give us a few minutes and we’ll explain about NeuroK

NeuroK is a platform that proposes a different training model that, focused on motivation and collaboration, facilitates the learning process within your organization.

NeuroK Team


With NeuroK you can count on an entire software development team that ensures the maintenance and updating of the platform. We collect suggestions, evaluate them and decide which ones to implement.


It has a support team for the resolution of errors and helps users within the platform.

Pedagogical help:

To understand our innovative methodology we have pedagogical advice. Learn from the principles of neurodidactics to know how to design a course at NeuroK.

Marketing and Communication:

For experts or those interested in teaching a course, from our marketing and communication department we offer advice and help with the dissemination of the course. We also offer support from our social networks and other channels.

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