Learn to Motivate

Neurodidactic Course for Teachers

Learning to motivate is an online training course aimed at teachers, who want to learn how to apply principles and methodologies of neurodidactics in the classroom.

From the hand of Catholic Schools (La Salle Schools) with which we arrived in Latin American countries, and together with Niuco, specialists in neurodidactics, we started this course with two objectives:

Learning in a large community about Neurodidactics
Validate the scalability of online training: teach many with little effort.
Both objectives were met.

This course was composed of more than 800 students (all of them teachers in different Lasalle schools), in 5 different countries, and with a forecast of 4 Niuco professors to manage the course.

In the end, the course was attended by almost 700 students, but the number of hours that teachers had to invest was reduced, so in the end the course was managed by David Lopez, professor of Niuco.

You can see more of this course here: