Teach Less, learn more

Learning by collaboration

The information is online, the experience and the criteria of your teams is not. Make the most of your internal knowledge to accelerate the transformation of your organization.


Encourage cooperative learning to forge entrepreneurship and enhance performance within your organization.

Collaborative Learning

Combine face-to-face training with online debate, to create training that encourages collaboration and cooperation to learn together.

Continuous Training

We are in a cycle where learning and work are going to take place in the same environment. NeuroK is the platform that will help you in this process of continuous learning.

Reach more with less

NeuroK wants to solve the problem of how a teacher can teach a group of 50,000 students at a time in an effective and fun way, while taking care of passion and motivation.


Create new training environments that encourage participation and collaboration.

Make learning between teams an advantage.

NeuroK provides many other advantages:

Word Cloud

NeuroK provides you with a cloud of most used words per course. Find out what is being talked about, what words are the most mentioned and help redirect the debate if participation is going off track.

Social Graph

Discover those who dynamize the training and who exercises more influence in your course. Help those who choose to re-motivate themselves in your course.

Social Network

NeuroK looks and feels like a social network, and is structured into courses. Divide your course into Units and Activities and take the debate to each timeline: Debates, Share, Learn.

Track Participants

Track the participants: what they think, what they contribute, what they learn. Who participates more and contributes to the community.


Customized Administration

Create an account for your company, customize the account with your logo and the colors of your organization.

Course Management

You can create as many training courses as you need in your account. By themes, by training levels, by groups within the company, etc…


To request a demo or any other question, please leave us your details and we will get in touch as soon as possible.