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In NeuroK you can upload different content: videos (from the platforms enabled: youtube or vimeo), documents (created by you or downloaded from the internet), references (you only have to paste the url) or create your own entry as if it were a post of a blog.

This content you have posted may be:

  • Reviewed by some fellow. In that case the comment gets two points.
  • Valued, the partner who values you will have to decide how many scrolls you are going to give. From 1 to 5 may be the valuation. This assessment gives that student points and you too. The points range from -2 to +2. Remember that you can also remove points.
  • Recommended by a teacher, and therefore saved in the Library.

Participating in a course can be done in several ways: comment on a teacher’s or classmate’s content. You can rate the contribution by rewarding or subtracting points, but you will have to give a reason why. You can also contribute content by uploading links to videos, references, blog posts or sharing your own documents, pdf, images, etc.

Note: in NeuroK the important thing is to learn by doing, sharing, debating and correcting. It will be the teacher who puts criteria in this debate and in the content provided. And remember that all relevant contents are stored in the Library.

Start participating by making a new comment, adding new content or following the thread of a conversation.

In NeuroK you can upload different contents:

  • Give your opinion: This is as if you were writing an entry to a blog post, you can add images and edit texts which will be displayed as if it were a new post entry.
  • Upload file: You can share your own files or ones found on the internet. The platform accepts the following formats: PDF, doc, xls, ppt, jpg, gif, slideshare…
  • Share a link: You just have to paste the url. This includes reference articles, posts from other blogs, videos from Youtube or Vímeo, …

The content that you have published can be:

  • Commented by a classmate. In that case the comment receives two points.
  • Rating: The classmate that rates ​​your content will have to decide how many stars you will give from 1 to 5. When you rate fellow students you are given points as well. The points range from -2 to +2. Remember that you can also remove points.
  • Content recommended by a teacher will be stored in the Library and for which you will receive 10 points.


What is commenting:

Commenting on NeuroK is a simple contribution that is a comment like “you’re doing well” or “I like this video” or “I do not understand this or that” or “I think your contribution is not correct” …

Where can I comment:

You can comment on any content of any classmate, you just have to answer within the timeline of that content, from the start page of the course or in the timeline of each Learning Unit.

Space to write your comment

Points for a comment

Each time you make a comment you will receive a point in your course statistics.

What is rating:

Rating or debating in NeuroK is a more reflective contribution. When you give your opinion on content contributed by anouther user, we are going to ask you to rate it ​​with “stars” and also to leave your reasoning in a more extensive way.
Note: Giving stars can add or subtract points to the person who has shared the content. You are only going to score points in the statistics.

Where can I rate:

You can rate any content of any classmate, just click on the “Rate” star. Then mark the value that the content has for you by giving it stars and leave your argument about that content. You can do this from the timeline of every Learning Unit.


Rating score

Ratings can not only subtract points from a fellow student, but also add more points to your statistics for the effort and reflection of leaving an argument.

Each assessment you make adds 20 points to your course statistics.

Stars have positive and negative values. These points apply to the person who has uploaded the content, not the one who rates ​​it.

  • One star: subtract -2 points
  • Two stars: subtract -1 point
  • Three stars: 0 points
  • Four stars: sum 1 point
  • Five stars: sum 2 points


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