It is the set of disciplines that helps us understand how the brain learns. The contributions of neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy are fundamental to understanding this methodological change in training. 


Motivated learning

Neurodidactics is the discipline that brings together the new discoveries of neuroscience and educational sciences.

Today, we know that our brain changes, that its structure is not fixed, but that every learning process is accompanied by a change in the brain. Neuroscience is beginning to show us that emotions are basic elements for these changes to take place, that is, emotion is key to learning.

Aprender colaborando

Principles of Neurodidactics

Today, neurodidactics gives reason to why the teaching/learning process must be changed.

Understanding how and under what conditions the brain is modified when learning, can help us to teach better. This is why NeuroK was created, by neurodidactic experts such as Jose Ramón Gamo and Anna Fores.

NeuroK, as a training platform, has been designed taking into account the principles and recommendations of neurodidactics, and therefore:

  • NeuroK puts motivation and motivation management at the center of the learning process. 
  • NeuroK personalizes (through the social filter of its model of relationships between participants) the content that each student accesses at any given time. 
  • NeuroK is designed for collaborative learning, collaborative learning is the basis. 
  • In NeuroK you learn by doing and discussing, not just by reading or listening to content. 


How the brain works

In this short video we will explain, in a simplified form, how the brain learns, and how NeuroK has been adapted to this learning model.

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