Master Neurodidáctica URJC

Master’s degree online

The Rey Juan Carlos University chose NeuroK to teach the first Master in Neurodidactics.

There are already four editions of the Master taught from the University, with outstanding professors such as:

  • Jose Ramón Gamo
  • Anna Forés
  • Jesus Guillen
  • Carme Trinidad

The Master has a duration of one academic year. And it is aimed at people who carry out, design and evaluate formal and informal education and training activities. It is especially designed for teachers, social educators, technicians and training managers, as well as any other professional working in the field of education (psychologists, pedagogues, psychopedagogues). In the same way, those university graduates who have ample experience in the field of education will be able to access this master’s degree.

NeuroK was positioned as the platform where learning of neurodidactics was made applying neurodidactics: learning by doing. NeuroK provides teachers with tools to track the evolution of students in the master: word cloud, social graph, participation statistics.

Focused on the student and his motivation to learn. Each year the Master in Neurodidactics is renewed with an average of 30 enrolled.

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