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June 8, 2017

We leave you here an infographic where we explain what NeuroK is, why and what we are based to be an innovative platform in online education.

– NeuroK is not a MOOC … is a Social Network.

– Changing the teacher role.

– Students learning by doing.

– Learning is motivating, motivating and motivating.

– The spotlight is on the student, not the content or the teacher.

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Motivation in learning

Motivation in learning

In order to create a suitable environment in which positive emotions flourish, it is essential that there is correct motivation in the students and also in the teacher.

What does NeuroK provide to teachers?

What does NeuroK provide to teachers?

Agustín Cuenca, NeuroK’s CEO, shares his experience as a teacher and analyzes what the main differences are between traditional teachers and NeuroK teachers.

Pedagogical advice at NeuroK

Pedagogical advice at NeuroK

At Neurok we have a pedagogical advice service, which helps and advises all those willing to teach an online course, to facilitate its development through collaborative work.

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