NeuroK: A Collaborative e-Learning Platform based on Pedagogical Principles from Neuroscience

Fernando Calle-Alonso1, Agustín Cuenca-Guevara1, Daniel de la Mata Lara1, Jesús M. Sánchez-Gómez2, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez3 and Carlos J. Pérez Sánchez4


The use of online education platforms has grown extensively and most education centers and companies use
them for their learning programs. Although technology has changed the learning environment, the
pedagogical model has mostly remained the same as it was many years ago. Therefore, another education
paradigm should arrive to online platforms in a generalized way. In this paper, NeuroK is presented as a
new e-Learning platform leveraging the latest technologies and, moreover, implementing new tools that
support pedagogical principles from neuroscience. While most of traditional platforms focus on content,
content management and applying teacher-centred methodologies (everything goes through the teacher),
NeuroK focuses on students, and uses collaborative learning, motivational processes and a “learning by
doing” perspective to achieve a long-term relevant learning. The proposed NeuroK framework describes the
already implemented tools and the new ones to be included in next versions. An active R&D process allows
new methodologies from the fields of Learning Analytics, Data Mining and Social Learning to be proposed

and implemented. The main contribution of this platform is to deploy a significant improvement in the e-
Learning process based on a neurodidactics approach and data analysis research results.