Niuco, Neurodidactics

Wet your appetite for a new learning model

Niuco is a company formed by professionals in education, oriented to form and help in the methodological change in the classroom applying principles of neurodidactics.

Niuco has set itself the goal of transforming education and institutions. For this they have the knowledge generated by Neurodidactics, a discipline that gathers the contributions of neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy on how the brain learns, and work methodologies, such as the cooperative, the inverted class, the learning by projects or the gamification that accompany them to promote this process of change and innovation becoming the best of the companies.

The collaboration of Nicuo and NeuroK emerged in 2014, giving a training course for teachers called “from the Laboratory to the classroom”. It is a completely online quarterly course.

In addition to training in schools to promote methodological change, using NeuroK as a learning platform and creating community among faculty professors.