Who’s leading a course?

July 15, 2020

At NeuroK we have developed the social graph, so that teachers can know who influences the course, in what way and the interactions within. This analytical data will help you to know how your course is developing, who you can help so that no one falls behind, and who you can reinforce with improved participation.

The social graph shows how users relate to each other, and the connections between them. It is a network of connections and interactions of all users.

Filter your own Social Graph

Each course has its own social graph where all the users of the course appear, both teachers and students.

The teacher can see the influence among the participants, know which student receives more comments or “I like”, and the one who is dropping out of the course.


Network filters:

  • The whole course or by units, to know in each unit which student has been the most participative and influential.
  • By user, how it relates to the community.
  • By type of event: contents uploaded, “I like”, mentions or ratings.
  • Without influencers: that shows you the connections between the less influential participants.

The social graph, together with the word cloud, are two of the tools that NeuroK has made available to the teacher for the management of the course.

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