Why NeuroK?

Reasons we have made NeuroK

  • Education is the key to a better future.

  • Digital transformation must also reach education.

  • Everything that has been done in e-learning so far is centered on the content, constructing platforms that replicate the traditional model of education.

  • We have not been able to take advantage of the digital transformation in education, we have only digitized processes that are the same always .

  • Science, through neurodidactic, begins to explain how the brain works, with that knowledge we must re-design the learning processes, taking advantage of the digital revolution.

  • We believe that;

    • Learning must be interesting and enjoyable.

    • The content is already digital and the training processes shouldn´t be focused on content, but on the student.

    • Teachers are more than just mules for information that can be recorded on video.

    • Teachers are key to managing the motivation of the students and help discover, incite, motivate, guide, etc.

    • To be born, to learn, to produce, to retire and to die, is a cycle that is died. To be born, to enjoy learning, to produce, and to die, is the cycle of the Twenty-first Century. Learning will not be a stage of our life, but a part of every day or our life.

  • Today, the ubiquity of mobile phones and Internet access makes it possible for learning to be networked.

  • We learn better in a group. Social networks have thaught us that we can collaborate with hundreds, those better to achieve what we set out to do.

  • We believe we are able to learn in a community, where we can learn from anyone.

Neurok: teaching less. Learning more.