Why NeuroK?

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The reasons that we created NeuroK.

  • Education is the key to a better future.
  • Digital transformation must also reach education.
  • Everything that has been done in e-learning is focused on content, on building platforms that replicate the traditional model of education. We want something better.
  • We want to take advantage of the digital transformation in education. So far there are only digitized processes that are the same as always.
  • Science, by means of neurodidactics, is beginning to explain how the brain works, and with that knowledge we must redesign the learning processes, taking decisive advantage of the digital revolution.

Because we believe that:

  • Learning should be exciting, fun.
  • The contents are already digital, the training process should not focus on the contents but on the students.
  • Teachers are more than bookkeepers of things that can be recorded on video.
  • Teachers are key to managing student motivation and elicit discovery, inspire, motivate, guide, etc.
  • To be born, to learn, to produce, to withdraw and to die, is a cycle that has died. To be born, to enjoy learning and producing, and to die, is the cycle of the 21st century. Learning will not be a stage in our lives, but a part of every day of our lives.
  • With the presence of mobile phones and Internet access, learning can take place over a network.
  • We learn best in a group, and social networks have taught us that we can collaborate with each other in large groups to achieve what we set out to do.
  • We believe that we are capable of learning in community, a place that we learn from one another.

Give us a few minutes and we’ll explain about NeuroK

NeuroK is a platform that proposes a different training model that, focused on motivation and collaboration, facilitates the learning process within your organization.

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