Word Clouds as a Learning Analytic Tool for the Cooperative e-Learning Platform NeuroK

Fernando Calle-Alonso1, Vicente Botón-Fernández2, Jesús M. Sánchez-Gómez2, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez3, Carlos J. Pérez4 and Daniel de la Mata1

Word cloud or tag cloud is very popular these days. It is a tool used to display text data summarization in a

visual way very easy to understand. However, it has not been extensively used in teaching, especially in e-
learning, where it would make a differential advantage. This research presents the definition and

implementation of a word cloud tool in a social network-based e-learning platform (NeuroK), which is based
on the principles of neurodidactics. The different features developed and the results are shown. Several options
to compare word clouds from students and teachers allow the teacher to follow the development of the course,
and they provide him more information to facilitate the evaluation process.

CSEDU 2018 Volume 2 Grafo y nube